who we are

NNP Capital Partners is a Internationally based specialty financial services firm that has 4 cornerstones to its business:

  • Deal Origination
  • Principle Investment and co-Investment
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Deal Structuring and Execution


The team at NNP are operationally driven, equity oriented and risk mitigation focused. Their experiences in frontier markets and global capital markets offers a unique blend of skills which are able to identify key opportunities, negotiate and structure bespoke investment and commercial development opportunities for their clients and themselves. 


NNP operate with the highest degree of compliance and integrity and are resolute in their undertaking to provide the highest level of service to their clients. Specialising in the Oil & Gas services sector, Private Equity and Strategic Corporate Finance advisory, NNP offers investment and co-investment services underpinned by an ideology based on best-in-class management, due diligence and compliance.

NNP Projects

NNP capital funding and infrastructure projects are the core foundation of the company in which we  specialise in commercial and real estate developements. 

These projects are delivered through strategic partnerships and capital investments .

NNP has current opportunities existing  in the regional emerging markets for Oil & Gas, real estate, commercial property  and port development projects.

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Why Us?

NNP management team has a strong foundation and detailed experiences in corporate financing, Mergers & Aquisitions, emerging market entry and effective operational delivery on a global footprint.

NNP has a direct and no nonsense professional approach combined with strong ethical and uncompromising compliance standards. 

These business ethics combined with  local knowledge and experiences of operating in challenging and emerging markets enables us to effectively manage and deliver projects for our international customers.