Deal Origination

Deal Structure

NNP Capital understands Deal structure and is able to combine this with set terms that makes for a successful business ownership transfer. Our  key objectives are to:

  • Provide the seller with desired remuneration for the business.
  • Ensure that the business buyers can operate the business in line with their financial goals.

All those involved in Business deal structure knows that purchase price is perhaps the best known part of the business purchase agreement. Yet no financially sound deal is made on price alone. Typically, a number of important terms must be agreed upon as well:

  • Amount of business buyer’s down payment.
  • Sellers financial terms.
  • Outside lender financing terms.
  • Whether the transaction is structured as an asset or stock sale 
  • Non-compete and consulting agreements with the outgoing ownership and management.
  • Whether part of the business purchase price is held back in an earnout arrangement.

NNP Capital partners prides itself on understaning these important dynamics during deal structuring and has a significant track record in delivering complete solutions to clients.


  • Portfolio management functions including direct investment decisions for a $1.5 billion Canadian Equity Portfolio on behalf of 23 institutional clients. 
  • Initiated a management led buyout of an asset based lending business  and directed the re- branding and re-financing of the business which then developed its portfolio by over 800% in the folowing 2 years. 

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