Guyana Oil & Gas Support Projects

Logistics Infrastructure

NNP has recently aquired a prime real estate site via its subsidiary company (Caribbean Oilfield services (Guyana) Inc) for developement. This facility which began the initial phase of construction in early January  will support the emerging Oil & Gas sector in Guyana and is due completion in the 2nd quater of 2019. 

Once completed the Oil & Gas service base will provide jobs and training opportunities to the local community whilst providing essential support services to the O&G companies as they establish their offshore services businesses within Guyana. 

Industrial & Commercial Property

NNP is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with an established and highly regarded Guyanese based logistics partner, Falcon Logistics Inc.

Falcon and NNP have agreed to a long term partnership on developing joint opportunities in providing critical services and customized solutions and facilities to their existing client bases.

NNP and Falcon are also pleased to announce their first collaborative development which is the acquisition and development of a 4.5 acre storage facility located approximately 500 meters south of the Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) main operations site.

This facility is designed to meet the expanding needs of the O&G market in Guyana and is now available.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Our industry insights aim to help design and execute critical programs to support the emerging Oil & Gas industry in Guyana through innovative ideas, leadership, and operational excellence.

A number of consultancy projects are now in the planning and developement stages with a number of projects involving long term infrastructure and design programmes.

As a key service provider to the O&G community we create value through strategic site identification, procuring optimal leases, and by directing the design, construction which are positioned to meet the needs of the O&G market and end users. 

To find out more about these exciting projects please contact us.

Guyana FAQs

In May 2015, Guyana government announced a significant discovery of high quality hydrocarbon reserves.

Since this initial discovery there have now been a further nine oil discoveries of high-quality, oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs that will be developed together with the other giant fields recently discovered in the area. These new evaluations support a third phase of development with an additional two phases under consideration with potential to produce over 750,000 barrels per day by 2025. This very quickly brings this unassuming Latin American country on par with some of the other global major oil producing countries.

These recent oil discoveries now open the gateway to a golden future for Guyana  that is emerging as a major frontier market and showcases volume and diversity in the Oil & Gas and  petroleum industries,